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Mark Nixon Jewellery Consulting offers a complete appraisal, valuing & advisory service for all jewellery. We are a truly independent company and have no ties or loyalties to any retail jewellers. We have expert appraisers on staff headed by Mark Nixon. We also have a broad panel of experts in all areas of jewellery, diamonds & coloured stones who can give experienced & informed advice on more unusual items.


Jewellery Appraisals

Mainly used for insurance purposes (or you may just be curious as to what your jewellery is worth). All Appraisals are presented on a professional document which incorporates everything required to accurately identify and quantify a piece of jewellery. Appraisals include a full description, size estimates and quality assessment of diamonds & coloured stones, carat assessment of gold, quality of manufacture, the value (for the agreed purpose & function) and a macro (close-up) colour photograph of the item.

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Diamond Certificates

For unmounted diamonds. Very useful if you have bought or are thinking of buying a diamond to be mounted in a piece of jewellery at a later date. These documents give detailed information about the diamond and include accurate dimensions, style of cut, quality of cutting - which is known as “make” (including information about faceting, proportions, percentages and an overall make grade), a colour grade, a clarity grade, the weight of the diamond in carats, the value (for the agreed purpose & function) and a photograph of the diamond.

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Gemmological Testing and Advice

We have a fully appointed Laboratory which allows full gemmological instrumental testing of coloured stones, and offer identifications and reports on any unidentified coloured stone. We can also offer professional & expert advice on any issue relating to jewellery.


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Mark Nixon

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