Jewellery Valuation Services

All of our appraisers are registered and qualified with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) who are the premier professional valuation body in the jewellery industry.

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Most valuations take 4 working days. However, if you need your appraisal urgently, please book in a priority service.

Valuations start at $80, see prices here.

Duration & Cost

Jewellery valuation services are available to both retail customers and the jewellery trade. Most valuations take around 4 working days, or if you need it in a hurry, ask about our priority 1-day service.

The charge of each valuation differs depending on the type of appraisal, the type and complexity of the jewellery and how fast you need it done. However, we will set the price with you before going ahead with the valuation. We can say though, that we are very competitive in the market and you will not pay more than you should for your jewellery appraisal.

What’s Included

All appraisals are presented on a professional document which incorporates everything required to accurately identify and quantify the piece of jewellery.

Every appraisal includes:

  • a full description
  • size estimates
  • quality assessment of diamonds & coloured stones
  • carat assessment of gold
  • quality of manufacture
  • the value (for the agreed purpose & function)
  • a macro (close-up) colour photograph of the item

We can also offer professional & expert advice on any issue relating to jewellery.

Sample Jewellery Valuation Document - Gem Logic
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Types of Items We Can Appraise

  • Any jewellery item, including rings, necklets, bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants etc.
  • Any antique or vintage item of jewellery
  • Pearl strands, earrings and pendants
  • Antique fob and pocket watches
  • We do not value any modern wrist watches after 1960
  • We do not value silverware, flatware or tableware

Jewellery Valuation Types

Jewellery valuation - Retail replacement for insurance purposes

Insurance Purposes

A jewellery valuation for insurance purposes is the most common type of valuation and can be thought of as the full retail price of an item in a normal bricks and mortar retail jewellery store in Australia.

It is most commonly used to insure jewellery. The full and correct term is “Retail Replacement for Insurance Purposes”.

Our appraisal certificates are accepted by all major insurance companies and brokers as a basis for undertaking insurance.

Jewellery valuations for selling purposes in Adelaide

Valuation for Selling Purposes

If you are looking to sell an item of jewellery, it’s very important that you have a valuation from Gem Logic.

Most companies who purchase jewellery will want to see an independent valuation from an NCJV registered jewellery appraiser. This will give them confidence that the piece of jewellery is of the type and quality as described in our document and will enable a higher offer to be made.

The appraisal will be done on the same basis as Insurance Purposes and the value will act as a guideline for selling. Of course, you cannot expect to receive the full retail price when selling an item second-hand, but based on the value, a negotiation process between buyer and seller can begin.

Once you have had your appraisal done by us, we will be happy to give advice on how to go about selling the item, who to talk to and roughly what you may expect.

Jewellery appraisal for personal interest or curiosity

Personal Interest or Curiosity

Sometimes you may come to own a piece of jewellery and you have no idea of its history, what the metal or gemstones are and what the value may be. You may be very-well surprised, so of course you should have an appraisal done on it! This will be carried out in the same way as an Insurance Appraisal.

Diamond certificates and valuations Adelaide

Diamond Certificates

Diamond Certificates are prepared in the case of unmounted (loose) diamonds and will give an in-depth analysis of the stone. This includes:

  • whether it is natural or synthetic
  • colour
  • clarity
  • carat weight
  • type & shape of cutting
  • quality
  • proportion details of the cutting (in millimetre dimensions)
  • detailed inspection & descriptions
  • any microscopic laser engraving or inscriptions
  • ultraviolet reaction details

They are similar to GIA certificates and can be referenced in conjunction to them, but will also give a retail replacement value.

These certificates can give piece of mind if you have or are considering buying a loose diamond from a retailer or from the internet and want to double-check that the item is as promised.

Pink diamond jewellery valuations

Pink Diamonds

The market for Argyle Pink Diamonds has been very volatile lately, and wholesale pricing is constantly moving and is also getting very hard to source. Consequently, a lot more time and research effort must go into the valuation of an Argyle pink, to be able to confidently give an accurate current value.  The pricing reflects the extra time involved.

Coloured gemstone certificates and valuations

Coloured Gemstone Certificates

Coloured Gemstone Certificates are very similar to Diamond Certificates, and are prepared for un-mounted (loose) precious gemstones.

We have a fully appointed laboratory which allows full gemmological instrumental testing of coloured stones, and offer identification and reports on any unidentified coloured stone.

All details and laboratory testing results will be listed on the document and will include the retail replacement value of the gemstone.

Jewellery valuation for SMSF purposes

SMSF Purposes

Government rules for SMSF’s (Self-Managed Superannuation Funds) allow for jewellery, diamonds & gemstones to be purchases for investment purposes under strict rules & conditions. One of these conditions is that they must be re-valued every year for SMSF purposes. This will have a very different value than a normal Insurance valuation, and relates to market prices and arms-length transactions.

We can issue SMSF appraisal documents which will be accepted by the taxation office for fulfilling all of the self-managed super fund requirements.

Jewellery appraisals for estate division purposes

Estate Division Purposes

Jewellery is often left to family and beneficiaries of a will, and can often be difficult to fairly and equally divide between all parties – especially when comparing the values with other items that may form part of the estate, such as fine art, antique furniture, valuable collections and other property.

Upon the request of a will Executor, a Lawyer, or a Court of Law we can issue a full and complete appraisal document for Estate Division Purposes. This will satisfy all parties concerned and will greatly aid in a fair and equitable division of the entire estate.

Please contact us and we can advise further on Estate Division Appraisals.

Value jewellery for divorce and property settlement purposes

Divorce Property Settlement Purposes

Sometimes a difficult and sensitive area, different valuations and appraisal types can be very confusing when trying to negotiate a property settlement in a divorce case.

We have worked with the Family Court and have arrived at a clear & fair way to present a document that can ease confusion and give clear alternatives for arbitration and agreement.

This involves using three values, each with a different purpose & function. These are:

  • values for Retail Replacement (insurance) Purposes
  • Market Value (willing sale/auction reserve)
  • Probate Purposes (forced sale)

This will give clearly understandable parameters and values for each valuation type and has been proven to make agreement and settlement much easier for all concerned parties.

Have your jewellery re-valued every 4-5 years in Adelaide


When considering the on-going insurance of your jewellery, it is important that you keep the insured value up to date. This will avoid disappointment in the event of an insurance claim and finding that your valuation is years old and you are under-insured.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your insured value up to date by having your jewellery re-valued approximately every 4 to 5 years.

Here at Gem Logic, we appreciate our existing customers and want to look after you. We can therefore offer a special discounted re-value price if you have previously had your jewellery valued with us.

To qualify, your valuation must have been previously done by Gem Logic Pty Ltd or Mark Nixon Jewellery Consulting, and you must provide us with either our unique valuation number or the date that we did it previously. We are happy to provide a look-up service if you have misplaced your previous document.

Need a Valuation?

Just bring your jewellery item/s in to Gem Logic:


4th Floor, 55 Gawler Plc. Adelaide
(click address for map)


Mon to Fri, 9am - 3pm
(no appointment necessary)

Most valuations take 4 working days. However, if you need your appraisal urgently, please book in a priority service.

Valuations start at $80, see prices here.