Priority Valuation Booking Received

Thank you for submitting your priority valuation booking. We have received your information and will confirm it with you shortly.

  • Please remember that we need to receive your items for valuation by 9:30 on the service day in order to have it ready for you the same day.
  • If the valuation is not able to be done within 1 day, due to it being a complex or high value item, we will advise you as soon as possible.

Need a Valuation?

Just bring your jewellery item/s in to Gem Logic:


4th Floor, 55 Gawler Plc. Adelaide
(click address for map)


Mon to Fri, 9am - 3pm
(no appointment necessary)

Most valuations take 4 working days. However, if you need your appraisal urgently, please book in a priority service.

Valuations start at $80, see prices here.